Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Who won?


I blogged about a contest for St. Judes Hospital that I took part in at the beginning of the year! I never posted about it until now because I have been way too busy. Here is the results:

I did not win, but got great compliments from the Head Judge about the flavor of my cake. I think that my style/vision just was too different to from all the other contestants!

The inspiration of my cake was "PEANUTS." The cause for the event, plus the idea of what makes a marriage work, lead me to use 'PEANUTS' characters and the virtues that they represent to create my cake. I have included both a photo of my cake, the winning cake, some of the other cakes that were presented.

The photos are from: www.steamykitchen.com


Marisa and Levi's Wedding


I apologize for not posting in a LONG time, I have been busy planning an exciting venture for Etiquette of Chocolate and look forward to posting TONS about in the very near future!

But, before that, I wanted to start posting some of the weddings I have done thus far this year.

One of the best couples to work with, Marisa and Levi, but married at the White Room earlier this year, and were a great couple to work with, both are have designer backgrounds, so their tastes were very much on point and particular.

The theme of the wedding was Honey, Nuts, and Oaths, playing off of an amazing Invitation that Marisa and Co. put together with her being a squirrel and Levi being a bear that told the story of their meeting, love affair, and marriage!! I think she should be an invite designer, for sure!

The cake itself was a play off of one of our designs, "Lily." The fondant itself was colored 'gooseberry' with a chocolate brown stenciled tree crawling up the front of the cake with dogwood appliques, golden bejeweled chestnuts, golden leaves, and an amazing ceramic cake topper of a bear and a squirrel bride and groom.

I really recommend brides looking at this type of design, when planning on doing something unique with their cake. The cake should be an expression of who the both of you are. But the great thing is that you can take an established design and tweak it to your own desires.

I am sure this wedding is going to be in some magazines and blogs in the near future and I am very happy to have been a part of it!

Warm Regards,