Sunday, August 30, 2009

Rounds and Squares


I especially liked this cake, from consult with the bride and family, all the way to getting a very kind letter expressing her thanks for the experience of working with Etiquette of Chocolate.

This design was actually inspired by the groomsmen's cummerbunds!!

Taking the colors, shades of green and pink, and creating custom stencils to mimic the shapes found in the fabric design, I developed this decor.

The differing shapes of the cake tiers dictated the size of each one. When mixing squares and round tiers, you always have to take into account of the size, so that a square tier's corners doesn't go over the edge of the tier beneath it.


Sometimes BIG is enough!


This cake was created for a high school classmate of mine, who had their reception at White Room in St. Augustine, one of the best reception sites in Northeast Florida.

The drama of this cake is it's sheer size, being five tiers tall, weighing as much as a medium sized child!

A bit of unwelcome drama concerned a cake stand which they wanted to place the cake atop of.

I, as a rule, do not like cake stands, because I think mainly because the stand usually bears no relation to the design of the cake. It's a bit too old fashioned a concept.

All of our cakes are built atop a board of masonite, which is covered in the same fondant as the cake and then wrapped with a complementary ribbon around the edge, leaving the cake to be the star.

The stand that was dropped off the day before the wedding wasn't level! When you set it down, not all four legs touched the table. The idea of placing a FIVE TIER cake atop this three legged table still gives me nightmares!

Happily, I was able to not have to use the stand, reaching the bride's sister in time to not have to tempt disaster.

Another key element was the use of real ribbon around the base of the cake tiers, which I used to be against, but have grown to like for those bride's who are very particular about getting the colors, exact.


Cake and Cupcakes


One popular option many brides are doing now is the whole cupcake craze, started I think by Magnolia Bakery in NYC of Sex and the City fame.

The bride did what I think is the best option, combining a small presentation cake with cupcakes.

A wedding without some sort of presentation cake is very boring to me.

Cakes provide a touch of pizazz!

Coming to a Magazine near you...


One of my favorite cakes of the summer was this cake which was the subject of my last post before disappearing to work on the opening of the bakery.

I have included some close-ups of the flowers.

Soon, this cake will appear in a wedding magazine, which I will post about once it happens.


Poker Cake


This poker cake was commissioned as a Birthday Celebration for a customer's boyfriend. She brought in a sample photo from a cake designer in England. The actual cake is a 14 inch square.

The playing cards on the top of the cake were hand drawn on sugar-crafted cards that I made and then inked with a food safe pen. I left the images in black and white, because I wanted the client to be able to have the cards as a keep sake and colors would fade after a while on the mantle top.

The poker chips were made with two circle cutters and a knife to make indentions around the rim of the coins.


Back in the Saddle AGAIN!


I'm glad to be back posting on my blog after an absence as I opened up my business as a full-time bakery and eatery called "Love and Laughter Bakery & Eatery." But I am keeping Etiquette of Chocolate the same, after all it's the same business with the owner, just Up-Sized!

I will be posting throughout the week with many of the cakes that were completed during the build-out.