Sunday, October 25, 2009

By the sea...


Here is a beach themed cake inspired by the Cake Girls from Chicago. The bride brought the concept to me to go with there wedding reception location in Daytona Beach.

Each tier is actually two cakes of the same size stacked on top of one another to create that extra tall look. All the sea shells are made from silicone molds and fondant.

I like the idea of taking a central theme and then working out from it, rather than just sticking things all over the place, which usually makes the cake look too busy.

Warm Regards

Saturday, October 24, 2009

You've Got Mail!!


Here are some of the letters/notes that I have gotten this year about cakes I was privileged to have brides commission me to create for them.

I really love to get feed back about my cakes and love it when I hear that all that hard work paid off with a happy bride on her wedding day.

Destination Wedding Cake


This cake was designed over the phone and through emails with a bride from New England. She flew in and out one weekend and was able to hold a tasting, which lead with one of the best taste combinations: A chocolate cake with peanut butter buttercream and dark chocolate ganache....HEAVEN!

All the flowers were hand crafted, inspired by the bride's bouquet.

Kind Regards



Here is a cake that was designed by the groom. The couple had a specific idea, sketch and topper, already picked out. This was a huge cake with a 16 inch base, because of mixing square and round tiers. The inspiration was the bride's wedding dress which featured the champagne colored strands of fabric in this pattern. The middle tier had a bejeweled base done in pearl, inspired by the waist decor of her dress.

Kind Regards

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Cute Topper!


This weekend I was commissioned to create a wedding cake for a lovely couple who had definite ideas of what they wanted their cake to be: Topper, blue bands, quilted, and pearls! FLOWERS, TOO!

I have to admit that I first thought that it was a bit too much going on for the cake, but naturally, we serve the tastes of the client.

I have to be frank and say that I was wrong and they were right!

The cake itself was a yellow butter cake with alternating tiers of cookies and cream and wild strawberry.

The hydrangeas were white and then I dusted them with a light pastel blue. I do not like solid colored flowers, they look fake, there should always be a gradation of colors, as in nature.

I also liked the topper. Here I had to change one request of the couple who wanted to have the topper on the second tier rather than on the top, but it would not have fit on the small ledge, so I placed it on top of the cake.


Demask Decor


Sorry for not posting in a while. I have many new cakes to post about, but lets start with this one!

I created this cake for a bride who wanted to feature a key design of her wedding reception. I created a series of designs based off of demask. Each tier has a central motif that then repeats itself as it goes around the cake.

I really like the effect of black on white, it's very popular now, and with good reason!

Kind Regards