Sunday, October 18, 2009

Cute Topper!


This weekend I was commissioned to create a wedding cake for a lovely couple who had definite ideas of what they wanted their cake to be: Topper, blue bands, quilted, and pearls! FLOWERS, TOO!

I have to admit that I first thought that it was a bit too much going on for the cake, but naturally, we serve the tastes of the client.

I have to be frank and say that I was wrong and they were right!

The cake itself was a yellow butter cake with alternating tiers of cookies and cream and wild strawberry.

The hydrangeas were white and then I dusted them with a light pastel blue. I do not like solid colored flowers, they look fake, there should always be a gradation of colors, as in nature.

I also liked the topper. Here I had to change one request of the couple who wanted to have the topper on the second tier rather than on the top, but it would not have fit on the small ledge, so I placed it on top of the cake.


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