Saturday, September 27, 2008

Sea Horses, she loves sea horses!


Earlier in the week, I dropped off a little cake in Amelia Island for a client from Scotland, whose family was renting a beach house to celebrate her sister's 60th birthday.

The cake was inspired by the sister's love of sea horses, which lead me to create a textured stencil plus some sea shells, etc.

The cake is a carrot cake with pecan cream cheese buttercream.

Duo of Birthday Cakes


This week involved the creation of two birthday cakes that were actually inspired by wedding cakes that we have created!

The first cake was inspired by "Eve" our dogwood flower cake with jeweled centers that is in our cake gallery. The clients wanted everything to be chocolate, hence we created a chocolate cake with chocolate fondant. But we included three different buttercreams that compliment one another: Mocha, Hazelnut, and Cookies and Cream.

The second cake was created via email with another client we was inspired by our "Lola" cake. She wanted something elegant for her birthday but staying within a budget. So I created this 10 inch cake inspired by "Lola" with the lace effects, but without making the cake topsy turvy. The flavor of the cake was a chocolate butter cake with cream cheese and hazelnut buttercream with crushed Heath Bar bits mixed in!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Wedding Cake


This was a short order wedding cake for a couple who saw my store while driving by. She wanted to have a fondant covered cake that was ivory with chocolate borders. The key decorative element were a series of orchids and calla lily groupings that would spiral up the cake. A key component was the addition of green leaves to each grouping in order to make the entire effect "POP!"

This is actually one of my favorite cakes because it was the first cake that was created using a new system I developed that allows me to create multiple cakes at the same time without losing quality in taste and design.

Cinderella Birthday Cake


Today I had a client pick up a cake for her daughter's 5th Birthday. We talked and designed the cake over email mostly and came up with this design. We first wanted to do a Walt Disney World Castle theme, but after creating the stencil for the castle, I felt that it looked odd and decided to add a stencil of Cinderella as well. The medallions around the top edge of the cake express the princess theme and the borders are based on the ramparts of a castle.

The flavor of the cake was Yellow Butter Cake and Raspberry Buttercream.

Baby Shower Cake


Here is a baby shower cake that was commissioned by my cousin for a friend. She wanted to create a cake based on the theme of Snoopy and Woodstock. The flavor of the cake is Yellow Butter Cake with Cookies and Cream Buttercream.

Everything on the cake is edible and decorated using gourmet/food safe ink. But I had to let the Snoopy/Woodstock and red dog house harden overnight, in order to ink the detail work, since it would be too soft otherwise.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Betty Crocker!?....taking it back to Old School


This is actually the second such cake I have created for a client based on an old technique popularized by Betty Crocker. While I promise that I don't use mixes in my cakes, I can't help but take inspiration from my clients.

The occasion was a Birthday Party for a young girl, "Lily." The Hula Skirt is yellow cake with vanilla bean buttercream. The base is chocolate cake with cookies and cream. The skirt itself is formed from molding chocolate which I scored to create the plant effect.

The bikini top is made of modeling chocolate, as well.


Duo of Cakes


I recently was commissioned to create a pair of cakes for a double celebration, the 45th Anniversary of a good family friend and their birthday as well. I wanted to create something that would compliment each other and decided upon polka dots and rings, made of those dots.

The rings and polka dots were created out of modeling chocolate, which tastes like a tootsie rolls, and colored with food coloring. The notecards were created out of sugar.