Saturday, September 27, 2008

Duo of Birthday Cakes


This week involved the creation of two birthday cakes that were actually inspired by wedding cakes that we have created!

The first cake was inspired by "Eve" our dogwood flower cake with jeweled centers that is in our cake gallery. The clients wanted everything to be chocolate, hence we created a chocolate cake with chocolate fondant. But we included three different buttercreams that compliment one another: Mocha, Hazelnut, and Cookies and Cream.

The second cake was created via email with another client we was inspired by our "Lola" cake. She wanted something elegant for her birthday but staying within a budget. So I created this 10 inch cake inspired by "Lola" with the lace effects, but without making the cake topsy turvy. The flavor of the cake was a chocolate butter cake with cream cheese and hazelnut buttercream with crushed Heath Bar bits mixed in!

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