Friday, March 28, 2008

Birthday Cake for Fashionista...


We recently did a fun cake for two of our best customers in our boutique in Orange Park. They came in and said they wanted to commission a birthday cake for a dear friend's 42nd birthday. The sad and surprising note was that this would be her VERY FIRST birthday cake! Can you imagine?!?

Needless to say, the pressure to create something EXTRA SPECIAL was on us! But we were VERY EXCITED, because this was the reason that we became pastry chefs: helping people to celebrate the special people and moments in their lives.

After some consultation we came up the idea of a shoe cake, specifically a JIMMY CHOO cake! Very sexy!

Given the subject and inspiration this became Judy's project.

Naturally the cake would be the shoe box. She then would have to create handmade shoes out of sugar paste. The writing on the box and shoes were done using a food safe pen free hand. We colored the cake pink using an airbrush, channeling our INNER DUFF! (Ace of Cakes reference). The Happy Birthday Note would be the Receipt.

One the day of the pickup (we normally drop off cakes, i.e. wedding cakes are ONLY delivered by us) the couple came in and thought that we had been cheap skates and BOUGHT REAL SHOES! But after some discussion, they were very happy and pleased!

....a few weeks later.....

Our couple returned and had a great story! After showing the cake to the Birthday Girl, she was so happy and thought that the cake was too beautiful to eat....SHE WENT TO PUBLIX AND BOUGHT ANOTHER CAKE TO SERVE PEOPLE AT HER PARTY!!!!!

We don't recommend that course of action, but....we are proud of the look of our cakes!

In the end we were so happy with the circumstance, because when you work hard to create something for such a special event, you so desperately want your labor to result in making the clients smile in appreciation and happiness!

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Scarlett Lillian said...

Love love love the Jimmy Choo cakes! So creative!