Sunday, May 4, 2008

Cake Week


This was a cake week for us....

Our first cake was a surprise anniversary cake for one of our chocolate customers.

Our second cake was cool, it was a birthday cake for Hurley Haywood, a race car driver who is famous for winning Le Mans races. We took the logo from his race car and turned it into a cake. The key I think to alot of cakes like this is the question of going for either sculpted cake or a traditional looking cake. We went for the traditional shape because I have found that sculpted cakes are definitely more for show than for eating. The servings are difficult to plan out and the ratio of actual cake to buttercream is too high for what I think to be a pleasant eating experience.

Our third cake was a Birthday Cake for a young boy who is a fan of Transformers...specially Optimus Prime! Not...BumbleBee...OPTIMUS PRIME!!

Our final cake was a baby shower cake for a client who wanted the theme to be about boats and the sea. Hence the stencils of sea gulls, pier posts, and sail boats. I like these cakes, because less is more. We have a few weddings this summer, where the design of the cake is very extravagant, but they are very cool, because it coheres with the theme, rather than being a bunch of stuff just put onto a cake.

Best wishes to everyone!

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André Lemay said...

This is great that you can turn food in beautiful art, keep up the good work, if I go to florida next winter, i will visit you.