Monday, June 2, 2008

Laura's Birthday Cake!


Over the weekend we did a birthday cake for Laura, the daughter of one of our best customers. We baked a chocolate cake with cookies and cream buttercream covered in white fondant which we air brushed the base with purple to create a slightly misty effect and then two hand made butterflies made out of sugarpaste and painted by hand in the colors of purple, pink, and gold.

After the cake was picked up at our boutique, we got this awesome email in response to our efforts from the Mother.

Judy and Jaycel,

WOW! You outdid yourselves with the cake!!! The flavor - incredible. The icing - amazing. The fondant - I can now say I actually LOVE the stuff now! (I want the recipe!!!)

3 girls attended the party and they LOVED the cake. They were very interested in the fondant and enjoyed the fact that they could lay their face...yes - they put their faces on the fondant - and it didn't get on their skin. (Yes - the girls are crazy!). We ended up putting sparklers on her cake for her candles and it really set the cake off nicely.

Now Langston can't wait for his!

Thank you both so very much for making Laura's birthday so memorable.

Happy Baking

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