Monday, June 30, 2008

We'll Miss You!


I wanted to post a few photos of a 'going away' cake that we did for a customer who works at Vistakon. As always, we try to do something that is different yet playful with our cakes, so we created a driving map of the US, some post-its with the Vistakon logo on top, and naturally, since it is an office environment....a coffee stain!

The actual cake in the inside was Chocolate Butter Cake with Champagne Buttercream.

We are developing ALOT of new ways to present our cakes, doing playful riffs on traditional ideas, etc. and I am looking forward to sharing them with everyone once we start to do them.

Take Care!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

All boys like trucks....right?


Here is a cake that you recently did for a little boy for his birthday. That was all we had to go we figured that all little boys like trucks, right? I think so.....I know that I did!

The inside was a red velvet cake with cream cheese buttercream. We made the buttercream our way, i.e. a swiss meringue rather than american-style.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Skater's Birthday Cake


One of our best customers ordered a cake for her son, an avid skateboarder. After looking at the brand of boards he liked, we brainstormed and came up with this cake!

She recently emailed us with their reaction:

Judy and Jaycel,
What can we say that we haven't already said about your talents?! Langston's cake was a HUGE hit at his party this past weekend. Everyone was in complete AWE of the "Grinder's Cake". Him and his buddy decided that they would actually EAT the skateboards that you made:) Of course, both boys had black, red, yellow and orange lips - which was priceless! Langston even enjoyed "wearing" the grinding rail around his neck for a while:) The buttercream - WOW - the bananas were the most outstanding touch to that cake! You have GOT to keep that in your recipe list. Those, mixed with the chocolate - absolute heaven! The Krown Skeleton and Happy Birthday plaque are going to be saved and shadowboxed for him to remember. Langston is already coming up with ideas for next year's cake! Thank you again for making my son's day so special. It is definitely a birthday he will remember for years to come.
Happy Baking!

What can we say....we try our best!

Chocolate Scuplture of a Lighthouse


We recently were commissioned to create a chocolate lighthouse for the Lighthouse Academy. We molded a column of pure milk chocolate, air brushed it with cocoa butter white, and created a series of chocolate panels to finish the shape.

Sculptures such as this are really made by casting a series of geometric shapes, and composing them together to create the overall structure.

Wedding Cake


We just finished a duo of cakes, a wedding cake and groom's cake, for a bride this weekend.

The wedding cake is a yellow cake with champagne buttercream and the groom's cake is a chocolate cake with cookies and cream buttercream.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Celebration Events


We did a number of events recently that explored some other talents that we have. While our business is known for it's chocolates and cakes, we do create other items, such as desserts and sculptures for special events for our clients.

We recently did a chocolate amenity for Food Fight to be featured on CBS 47 during a lunchtime newscast to promote the event. We also did 50 creme brulee for a client who wanted them as individual desserts for his son's graduation party.

In the next few weeks we are going to be launching a line of "Desserts to Go" featuring tarts, parfaits, sorbets, cookies, cupcakes, frozen fruit drinks, chocolate strawberries, and creme brulee to sell through other vendors as a four star dessert to take home or enjoy on the go.

We'll take photos and feature them when they start!

Hello Everybody!

We did a great event this past week called Food Fight by Lutheran Social Services. We gave aways tons of free chocolate (Matcha Green Tea, Caribbean Cocktail with Rum, Dark Chocolate, Passion Fruit, and Coffee) and cake(Yellow Cake with Champagne or Raspberry Buttercream), got great feedback, made a few contacts with some great vendors!

Here are the pics!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Another week....hence...more cakes!


Another week has passed with us making lots of fun cakes for clients. Here are some of them!


Monday, June 2, 2008

Laura's Birthday Cake!


Over the weekend we did a birthday cake for Laura, the daughter of one of our best customers. We baked a chocolate cake with cookies and cream buttercream covered in white fondant which we air brushed the base with purple to create a slightly misty effect and then two hand made butterflies made out of sugarpaste and painted by hand in the colors of purple, pink, and gold.

After the cake was picked up at our boutique, we got this awesome email in response to our efforts from the Mother.

Judy and Jaycel,

WOW! You outdid yourselves with the cake!!! The flavor - incredible. The icing - amazing. The fondant - I can now say I actually LOVE the stuff now! (I want the recipe!!!)

3 girls attended the party and they LOVED the cake. They were very interested in the fondant and enjoyed the fact that they could lay their face...yes - they put their faces on the fondant - and it didn't get on their skin. (Yes - the girls are crazy!). We ended up putting sparklers on her cake for her candles and it really set the cake off nicely.

Now Langston can't wait for his!

Thank you both so very much for making Laura's birthday so memorable.

Happy Baking