Monday, July 7, 2008

Anniversary Cake


One of our best customers commissioned a petite anniversary cake for herself and her husband to celebrate such a special occasion. She gave us free reign to come up with the entire design and flavor profiles. We decided to go with a nod to Asia with a golden cherry blossom tree than we embedded into the fondant with cherry blossoms emerging from the branches.

Keeping with the theme, we flavored the cake with Champagne Buttercream, in addition to Cherry Blossom Buttercream, which is a new flavor for us and one that was a success, as our client's email response to our cake attests:

Hi there,
The cake was WONDERFUL! The flavor of the cherry blossom was something that I can't even describe and it tasted so exquisite. That, coupled with the champagne buttercream - it was just a fireworks display to the mouth:) The InnKeepers of the B&B enjoyed a slice of it as well!
The decoration was gorgeous. I have saved the cherry blossoms to shadowbox to remember the occasion.
Thank you, both, so very much for making yet another gorgeous and delectible cake to remember such momentous occasions with.

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Beauty Hunter said...

What awesome cakes...this one in particular is my favorite! Beautiful work.