Sunday, August 10, 2008

Arjola and Peter's Wedding Cake


This weekend I created this cake for Arjola and Peter, a lovely couple who enlisted my services to create their cake after hearing about us through the grapevine. The cake is covered in ivory fondant with a very elaborate alternating borders that were colored with a mixture of midnight blue and navy blue luster dust to match their invitations. The flavor of the cake was a yellow cake with two layers of champagne buttercream and a middle layer of raspberry buttercream between each tier.

The cake on the side, is actually not real cake but a small display cake which was meant to be signed by the couple's closets friends/family. Our version of a 'save the top.' I think it's cuter than trying to eat year old frozen cake.

They also ordered chocolate favors: Gratitude (Guinness Beer) and Love (Dark Chocolate).

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