Sunday, August 3, 2008

Week's cakes


I wanted to post a few pictures of cakes that were completed this week. Two wedding cakes and a baptism cake.

The first cake was a subtle 4 tier colored fondant cake with a party in the inside, containing 3 different kinds of cake and buttercreams, almond cake with pistachio buttercream; chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream; and yellow cake with vanilla bean buttercream.

The second cake I take particular pride in because it was a three tier square wedding cake with sugar flowers and bows crowning it. One of the trickiest types of cakes to cover is a square shaped cake and I believe I did a darn good job! Notice the corners and edges, all straight and sharp, not rounded off! Ho-yah!

The third cake I am proud of because from start to finish it took me less than two active hours to make in one day. Most of our cakes are multi day affairs because of the need for things to dry or cool off, but I did it, after little sleep from the previous cakes so I am glad I did. Plus, the lady who picked it up was a really nice person.

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