Friday, April 18, 2008

Cake for Cool/Hip Mother of the Bride!

I was just getting ready to write to you.  Yesterday was the
most exciting day! I first came by to pick up your cake,
and was thrilled. It was just gorgeous, and the smell that
filled my car was so delicious! After I picked up the cake,
and dropped it off at home and then went for my dress fitting.
That's where it all came together. It is really amazing,
the color of the dusting and the shape of the lace molds to match
the dress was really uncanny. Beautiful work! Everyone
loved the champagne filling as well. Thanks Jaycel!
- Kathy S.


We recently finished creating a Birthday Cake for a very cool Mother of the Bride whose daughter is having us create a wedding cake and wedding favors for. Her wedding cake is the style of her dress and she wanted to create something in a similar style for her mother's birthday cake, with the actual cake being a yellow cake and champagne buttercream.

So we created a series of bands that are inspired by the waist of her dress, with knots in the back for buttons, and lace motifs. All the decor was colored with a blend of various dusts to mimic the actual colors of the dress. We believe that you should rarely use a straight color for a decor element on a cake, because the color is much too flat looking. You want to have shades and hues of color to your decor. The cake is covered with ivory fondant.

I wish I took a better picture, so my apologies and sorry for the stool....we are planning on getting a photo table soon!


nate-in-the-box said...

wow, what amazing designs. where are you located?

Etiquette of Chocolate said...

Thanx Nate,

We are located in Orange Park, Florida at 1988 Kingsley Avenue, right across the street from the Orange Park Medical Center.