Thursday, April 3, 2008

Cake Sketches


When we meet with a prospective bride about her wishes for her cake, we usually execute one to two sketches. These allow us to flesh out the ideas and to see if they go together. Sometimes a bride has ALOT of ideas about her cake, tearsheets from magazines, colors, flowers, etc. Taken individually they all look beautiful, but when putting them together onto a cake, sometimes....less is more!

We firmly believe that it is our duty to give a bride a cake she can be happy with, reflects her personality, tastes wonderful, and will be immortalized in her wedding photos for years to come.

The above sketches are a small sample of the types of cakes we have been asked to conceptualize thus far this year.

Take cake!


Debbie said...

Thank you for all your ideas! We look forward to working with you. - Debbie and Bob

Anonymous said...

Yes! Brides do have A LOT of ideas! Luckily, you are GREAT at what you do and were able to design a cake that fit my personality!! I can't wait for July 26th!!!!! Especially for the carrot cake, that is what Matt is most excited about!

HOPE ALL IS WELL!! love the pics Agnes took :)

Kristen and Matt