Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Our Promise


We have been really excited about the reception we have gotten about our site and blog the past few days! It really does make a difference!

As a new business we have been developing ideas about the sort of business we want to create and the reputation that we want to be known for. I think I would like to state a few key principles for our guests to be able to count on in a concrete way:

1. We make all our chocolates and cakes from scratch, using ONLY the finest ingredients. We DO NOT use cake mixes! We do make Swiss Meringue buttercreams for our fillings, NOT american-style icings where confectionery sugar is blended with shortening and/or watery butter. Our butter is shipped to us from Vermont and is 83% butterfat vs. 40% butterfat supermarket butter.

2. All of our products are made on-site. We do not purchase product and re-sell them, PERIOD!

3. We DO NOT charge for tasting/consults for weddings.

4. Once we receive a deposit, we do not bump you off for a 'bigger' wedding that comes later. I thought this was an obvious thing....but we have heard some stories.....

5. If you cannot meet at our boutique for a consult/tasting, then I will make every effort to come and meet you at a local coffee shop or venue of your choice.

6. We are here to bring a bit of happiness into your life, NOT stress, disappointment, or indifference!

7. We return your calls and emails within 24 hours. (Just be sure that we have your email and/or phone number! Someone asked us about a groom's cake this week and didn't leave us an email or phone number to reply too!)

8. In fact, here is my personal cell phone number: 904.891.8186.

I am sure that we will be adding things as we continue on our journey, but it's a start!

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