Sunday, April 13, 2008

Party Weekend!


Here are two cakes that we did over the weekend, both birthdays!

The party hat cake was a great experience because we got to experiment with a technique of high stacking a cake to create a very tall tier. You can't just stack cakes on top of each other, because the weight will not support the cake and it will start to press down too much, so you have to dowel the bottom cake tiers. Also, we had to shave the cake down to get that pointed structure that is iconic of a party hat. The cake flavors were chocolate cake and vanilla buttercream.

The other cake was a horse cake done for a client's daughter's 16th birthday party. The theme was equestrian. The top layer is chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream, while the bottom tier is yellow cake with chocolate buttercream. I really like the use of stencils to decorate a cake for a few reasons. It really utilizes the advantage of fondant over buttercream covered cakes, since you can use the fondant as a canvas to decorate on. The stencils are custom made, not cookie cutters, which lets us give the cake personality that is unique to the client. And finally, you can adjust the size of the decor via shrinking or enlarging the stencils!

Hopes you all like them.

This is going to be a very busy week for us!

1. We are sending samples to an amazing gourmet food company in Michigan that we greatly admire to see if our chocolates can be sold in their store.

2. We are holding a number of tasting for brides, including a couple coming out from California!

3. We have a short-notice wedding to do on Saturday, which is going to be fun. Mixing the technique of extra high tiers with the Lily cake tree motif.

4. My little cousin is getting a cupcake tree for his birthday on Tuesday, delivered by me dressed in my chef whites to his school.

5. We are doing a petite birthday cake for the mother of one of our brides, who wants it to be done in the style of her wedding cake, flavors: yellow cake and champagne buttercream!

6. A baptism cake this Sunday that we are going to decorate with a rosary hand sculpted from fondant.

7. Meeting for competitors in the MOCA Takes the Cake competition.

Good times!


walisse said...

wow, that's amazing and good too!

Oh Happy Blog! said...

So very happy to see th two of you so busy! I'll stop in just as soon as I get a moment to spare... loving all these little pieces of confectionary bliss on the blog- keep 'em coming!