Monday, April 7, 2008

"We the People...."


One of the goals of our blog is to introduce the purpose of our company, "Etiquette of Chocolate," which is celebrating the special people and moments in our guests lives through cakes and chocolates.

Our ambition is to be the best in the world in fulfilling this purpose. It sounds rather grandiose, right?...GOOD! Because it is!

But what does that mean?

Being 'best in the world' at 'celebrating the special people and moments in our guests lives through cakes and chocolates?'

We are in a journey to figure that out, but we have some notions and ideas about what it will entail:

1. Finest Ingredients in the World & Using Nature as Our Palette

Our canvas is the cakes and chocolates that we create. When you are using a cake or box of chocolates to celebrate a moment or a person that is special to you, the cakes and chocolates BETTER be made with the BEST ingredients in the world. Hence, our cakes use only the finest butter from Vermont allowing them to float on your tongue, chocolates from France, and flavorings and spices sourced from around the world. We know where the best restaurants in NYC get their product....and we get it from there, TOO!

Breaking out of the iron grip of past flavor combinations! The classics are great and we pay homage to them better that most! But venture out into the world of green teas from Kyoto and our Signature Champagne buttercream!

2. Artisanship and Craftmenship

Two key components of a great and sublime food experience are fine ingredients...and great technique! Both Judy and I were trained at the French Culinary Institute in NYC and went on to work and intern at the best places in NYC for desserts: Fauchon Pastry Labs, Ron Ben Israel Cakes, P*ONG, and Le Cirque. The techniques that we learned from all of that experience goes into our chocolates and cakes.

Plus, we feel that you have to have a signature style that speaks to our guests tastes and personality. Our chocolates are straightforward flavors that balance both the taste of chocolate and the infusion of flavors that we create. Our cakes are very chic and clean, very well edited!

Equals an intense desire for excellence. We have tasted perfection, we have worked stations where the only standard was excellence. It's the world that we know!

3. Hospitality and a Happy Company

We believe that people who use our service are our guests! We want to create an experience that leaves people happier than before they entered our world. That is why we only use the best ingredients, why we spent so much time and sweat training ourselves in the best institutions, why we continuously read and read about our field, and why everyone who walks into our boutique is a guest in the home that we have created.

A Happy Company is one where it knows it's purpose and embraces it as a meaningful way to spend one's time and labor. Where people are respected and allowed to have fun doing what they feel that were meant to do.

Cliff notes:

(Best ingredients)x(global palette) + (great technique)x(great style) + (hospitality)(happy company) = Etiquette of Chocolate!

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